LY Browser

Browsing without boundaries
unlimited speed

LY browser is a new generation of extremely fast experience browser created by Zero and One Software. It adopts Chromium's new kernel, focuses on extreme speed and security features, introduces webpage intelligent preloading technology, webpage access is faster, security protection is fully upgraded, and supports P2P on-demand The protocol (Xfplay://) can easily realize the one-click connection with AV Pioneer, providing users with more convenient, more efficient and more assured search and browsing services.
Can be customized
Customize the layout according to your preferences,
You can infinitely customize the functions and interface you want
Colorful and beautiful
Variety of colors, beautiful and generous
Its UI color will change with the change of web UI color
Let the browser and the web be integrated
Easy notes
You can record your inspiration at any time in the notes in the sidebar
And supports Markdown format
Automatically attach screenshots, etc.
Block malicious code and malicious programs on web pages
Security upgrade, reckless
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